Aug 12, 2009

Happy Birthday :)

so it was 6 in the morning...after wearing the school uniform,
i went down and my aunt wish me happy birthday~ and a RM50 as a gift
then my grandma wake up and dialog starts..

tok: hari ni hari apa?
me: hari ni hari rabu tok,hari ni harijadi izhar..
tok: ohh.. (then she take her purse and took RM100)
me: byk nyaa ni tok.. simpan la sikit utk ubat ubat tok...
tok: hhmm.. (she put back in RM100 and took out RM50)
tok: nah.. ambikla.. nk belanja apa apa.. (pull me and kiss)
me: makaseh tok! sayang tok! :)

then already packed up and go to school~
before getting off the car,my mother wish me and kiss (aww :))
friends all wish and hit me (they say it is the tradition) whateverla..
u all got sins~~ as u wish HAHA!! served u right!
then after end school..many of my friends gather at the front of the school
known as "lorong" and i saw them with eggs and flour..
so i went back and go to canteen and eat..
after end eating it was like 1.40pm so i go out and they all gone!
then back home.. i on facebook and myspace as usual~~
ok now is like 7pm we(me,aunt,bro) get ready to go KLCC!
then we book at Chilis,the receptionist said"okay,another 30mins come back"
so we go window shopping.. i took my aunt to quiksilver..
and she loves the quiksilver designs and all... it was fascinating!!!
hahaha.... then we eat and all... i requested that my aunt to ask the waiter
to sing for me.. LOL..yeah i requested.. can u imagined them? (bro,aunt)
so this is the video.. f.y.i. im shy :P

okay okay.. haha !!!
BTW ur bday at chilis will get FREE..i mean FREE cake !!!! seriously!!
they dont care ur age...if they dont believe u,just show them ur IC
the cake cost RM12.25 at the menu.. im like "huha" free cake :P
okay... it was cool..
when came back,my sis gave me a Little Britain USA DVD!!..
i thought,"wth,this is it??" then there's a letter...
"Happy Birthday Izhar!,big give at the end of this month okay?"
im so relieve.. that the DVD is not a REAL gift from her.. haha!
so my dad,mom,bro,sis (whole family) never gv me a gifts...YET
except my aunt AH,aunt YANG and my grandma!
hurm.. whatever it is.. i "bersyukur" of what gifts they will gv me..
its like "rezeki jgn ditolak" haha.. till then see ya next year bday!!

-Izhar CJ's Birthday 2009-


tomatoShake said...

wowowow... really cute dude... tumpang gembira gak... best of luck.

.::RoyaL::. said...

haha thks!!


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