Aug 25, 2009


This is like 2 months ago.
just updating it bcoz wanna get rid of the photos..
yepp my memory cards is full u know?

okay im at felda's clinic. getting ready for check-ups
im so freakin sick at that moment! body temp rises till 40 c
and im like tired and all my mum do is take pics..
awake and blursleeps after getting drugslook what my mother did!awakes and ready to go home! yay!she keep laugh and laugh :D

So the Dr. said that it was not H1N1 (thk god!)
it was a normal fever(i god fever! teneng teng teng fever yeah!)
thats all.. and i was in that clinic from 9am to 12pm
hooo the Dr. let me sleep to check the drugs that she gv..
it works! thx doc :P

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