Aug 2, 2009

The Biggest Loser Asia

So,it was 1st august and it was 8am.
we rush to Fitness First,Mutiara Damansara for my sis
audition in the BLA. I was the supporter,haha..
so it was 9.30am and the line is massive like long~
the first guy said that he came at 6am it was crazy right?
the audition starts at 10am. After my sis got in,i waited outside like 3 hour
sms'ing,retarding,sleeping,and do some crazy stuff..
after so bored it was like 1.30pm and my sis still in the gym, and I was like
"ok,its time for me to eat!" so i go in E@Curve(use to be cineleisure)
and MCD's nearby entrance is what i chosen the place to eat. hehe~
after eating,I went up and go round (singin Right Round by Flo Rida)
then I go to the "center atrium" ? which is a gathering and i saw Fly FM banners,MTV,xpax and all
so i stop and watch~ suddenly there were screaming so freakin loud!!
it was Hunny Madu !! tight leggings with white hat,she so freakin HOT CUTE>~>!!
and it was MTV World Stage Road Show and they will be there for 2 days..
so there like giving out "mosh-pit tickets" its like moshing audition~
its so crazy~~~~~~~~ mcm mabuk ada jugak!!..
e.g. mcm indian kena rasuk on deepavali day dkat batu caves tu~ mcm tu la..
my sis done at 2 pm,then we go Sunway Pyramid. =)

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