Aug 25, 2009

Musim Luruh ?

infront of my house..
yup i hv weird feelings that "musim luruh" is in the "Khatulistiwa" line..
LOL whatever :D


Magazines Ad.


This is like 2 months ago.
just updating it bcoz wanna get rid of the photos..
yepp my memory cards is full u know?

okay im at felda's clinic. getting ready for check-ups
im so freakin sick at that moment! body temp rises till 40 c
and im like tired and all my mum do is take pics..
awake and blursleeps after getting drugslook what my mother did!awakes and ready to go home! yay!she keep laugh and laugh :D

So the Dr. said that it was not H1N1 (thk god!)
it was a normal fever(i god fever! teneng teng teng fever yeah!)
thats all.. and i was in that clinic from 9am to 12pm
hooo the Dr. let me sleep to check the drugs that she gv..
it works! thx doc :P

Unique Names

yurp in Hero still..
i guess they trying to say "smart" ?Sumo Superior Diapers for Sumo (get it?)wondering what DR.P stands for? (reminded 18sx)

Old Stuff

So i went to this store called "Hero"
new store maybe? a "Giant" copy store?
ok whatever that is.. just look what i found !!

1.Sabun Kapak
this "sabun" is used for washing the dirty dishes~ its so old and classy! haha..
wondering who will buy these old things eh?
and the KAPAK family has renewed its product with this..
yupp.. its the "Minyak Cap Kapak" !!!!! hahahah.. use for headache and sneeze probs

2.Labour Laundry Soap
looks so old alrite, its for washing our clothes! and what old people used?
yup soap! made by natural things like vegetable oil~
next time try the corn oil Mazola! hahaahha :P
look what LABOUR family has renewed its product to become a dishwasher liquidLOL!! till then ;)

Grandma Gone Shopping

okay it was like sunday..
and when i came back home from tuition i was shocked!
indeed i am.. u wanna know why?
coz my grandma just came back from shopping..
and i was like "whaaaaaaat??!"
yurp yurp! i hv prove!!!yah!! woaa alrite~ its HABIB JEWELS!
i wonder what she bought... (of coz it has to do with diamonds)
and that cowboy hat... so classic and wild (oops!)
that cool shades is what she needs alrite! so "Grand" looking Grandma

Aug 12, 2009

Happy Birthday :)

so it was 6 in the morning...after wearing the school uniform,
i went down and my aunt wish me happy birthday~ and a RM50 as a gift
then my grandma wake up and dialog starts..

tok: hari ni hari apa?
me: hari ni hari rabu tok,hari ni harijadi izhar..
tok: ohh.. (then she take her purse and took RM100)
me: byk nyaa ni tok.. simpan la sikit utk ubat ubat tok...
tok: hhmm.. (she put back in RM100 and took out RM50)
tok: nah.. ambikla.. nk belanja apa apa.. (pull me and kiss)
me: makaseh tok! sayang tok! :)

then already packed up and go to school~
before getting off the car,my mother wish me and kiss (aww :))
friends all wish and hit me (they say it is the tradition) whateverla..
u all got sins~~ as u wish HAHA!! served u right!
then after end school..many of my friends gather at the front of the school
known as "lorong" and i saw them with eggs and flour..
so i went back and go to canteen and eat..
after end eating it was like 1.40pm so i go out and they all gone!
then back home.. i on facebook and myspace as usual~~
ok now is like 7pm we(me,aunt,bro) get ready to go KLCC!
then we book at Chilis,the receptionist said"okay,another 30mins come back"
so we go window shopping.. i took my aunt to quiksilver..
and she loves the quiksilver designs and all... it was fascinating!!!
hahaha.... then we eat and all... i requested that my aunt to ask the waiter
to sing for me.. LOL..yeah i requested.. can u imagined them? (bro,aunt)
so this is the video.. f.y.i. im shy :P

okay okay.. haha !!!
BTW ur bday at chilis will get FREE..i mean FREE cake !!!! seriously!!
they dont care ur age...if they dont believe u,just show them ur IC
the cake cost RM12.25 at the menu.. im like "huha" free cake :P
okay... it was cool..
when came back,my sis gave me a Little Britain USA DVD!!..
i thought,"wth,this is it??" then there's a letter...
"Happy Birthday Izhar!,big give at the end of this month okay?"
im so relieve.. that the DVD is not a REAL gift from her.. haha!
so my dad,mom,bro,sis (whole family) never gv me a gifts...YET
except my aunt AH,aunt YANG and my grandma!
hurm.. whatever it is.. i "bersyukur" of what gifts they will gv me..
its like "rezeki jgn ditolak" haha.. till then see ya next year bday!!

-Izhar CJ's Birthday 2009-

Aug 5, 2009


Retardation is a sub-title in Form 3's Math text book in Chapter 14 if im not mistaken..
btw,it doesnt hv to do anything with what am i going to share with you guys today..
so im thinking what can make people/me retarded ?
Im so crazy and stuff and i hv some experiments done :)

1. If you work at 7eleven,u gotta be a lil bit retarded bcoz of the advert.
nowadays,many 7eleven branches hv a television at the counter and the big screen
they hang at the cigarette section there. Generally to promotes advert~
but everytime i go to 7e,i mean evrytime.. near my house,tuition centre,friends house..
hv this 1 advert which is the power root (saya nk jadi jutawan) adv..
its kinda funny bcoz the advert keep repeating and repeating till the workers there said
"aku pun nk jd jutawan" haha,must be retarded working there 24/7 and listening to the repeating adverts..

2. Ok now for those who listen to malay radio channels like Era or Hot or Fresh FM
Bulan puasa is coming and there might be this "kurma" advert.
ok, goes like this :)

Keenakan buah kurma dari timur tengah
(Yusuf Taiyoob)
Kelazatan buah kurma yg dipetik dr arab ??
(Yusuf Taiyoob)
Dengan keluaran Safira.Yuna,Wasini,(and sumthing i forgot)
(Yusuf Taiyoob)
Jadikanlah ramadhan anda dgn kurma Yusuf Taiyoob
(Yusuf Taiyoob)

does whispering words.. haha so funny!!

3. Another one is the newest one i think,the Astro advert on TV
that kakak at TV say "banyak pelancong asing yg dtg di pasar ni",
"akak pun boleh cakap bahasa inggeris, what are you looking for?
haha.. my sis said that she imagine doin that at public..
it was kinda funny.. example,u go to the McD's drive-thru and at the machine
the guy/gal said : can i take ur other?
we : can i hv 1 SALTED FISH !

or u go to ur fav shop (example u go in Quiksilver)
the guy/gal : what are you looking for?

hahaha.. it was funny though if we speak thru mouth more than typing~

im not to be rude,but it's the way that i see it coming..
is like its my point of view/listening..
sry for those who thinks that this is bad or something..

hurm,im so bored + crazy = as usual~

Aug 4, 2009

A Journey In Anakku(The Baby Store)

My sis wanna buy a "bouncer" ? to her friend..
so we go to Anakku and i hv fun :P
im so crazy as always since my blog is the crazy issue
hurmm.. Anakku what stuff? daa.. baby stuff..
lalallalaa...izhar: no,i hv not seen ur "freakin" friend!!this gate is where u put at the stair(tangga) for safetyand shoot my hand was so gatal and all i broke the handle? hehe
i took some pic and run away~~Mamy Poko - Tidur Lena Pagi Senyuman (is on SALE btw)i really need to get this freaky toothbrush!!
hahhhahaa :P

The Elevator Button

This is how a normal person will do to an elevator button
And this is how a "Royal" way to press/bite an elevator button

Apple Juice HoneyMadu !

uittss,sry for the last part(credits) from video 1st
this 2nd video is the credit that i remake..
and the song is cool ;)

Liriks - Mariam Jaga Kambing

Mariam jaga kambing, jaga kambing, jaga kambing
Mariam jaga kambing, bulu putih bersih

Mana saja ia pergi, ia pergi, ia pergi
Mana saja ia pergi, anak kambing ikut sama

Satu hari ke sekolah, ke sekolah, ke sekolah
Satu hari ke sekolah, buat Mariam susah

Murid ketawa riang, ketawa riang, ketawa riang
Murid ketawa riang, lihat kambing Mariam

Mariam jaga kambing, jaga kambing, jaga kambing
Mariam jaga kambing, bulu putih bersih.

Aug 2, 2009

A Journey In Sunway Pyramid

So,after my sis auditioning for The Biggest Loser Asia.
we went to Sunway Pyramid,just hangin out~
we went to this place called "Asian Avenue" which is many many
fake and funky stuff~ which is anoyying but cool~
u know what i mean.. it's like a Chinatown in Damansara?.
so it was like 10.40pm? and all shop had closed down and
the FUN had just started!!..
we go in and snap some pic with poses and all... it was fascinating :P
we can say "The Time Of Happiness" ? i dont know..
okay..let the pic do the talk~
wee hee..i arrive~(when i put my finger at it,the bulb shines ;P)let's make some japanese ice cream~omg,its megan moxxyah.. im showing off my arms~
happy memories with my fellow colleagues :P
see..he look so happy when i "garu" his chin :)
hey guys,look what i found.. it's my blog :P,and i need to reach it !to reach,i need to climb and singing The Climb by Miley Cyrusunfortunately,i cant. It's so high..(get it?)it says Free Style,so im thinking Ultraman Tiga.

-RETARDing SECTION-ooooooo...she say that im the food. she broke my heart
feel ur skin and say aah..The Pink _ _ _ _ _they sell Fish,Food,Finger,Fork(anything starts with 'F')
ROMPA - New Shop Open !This is the picture in your chewing gum paper~Make sure,if you go shopping,
Bring Your Own Bag
to Save our Planet from Global Waming..
this advice brought to you by Izhar CJ

captured by - Kamelia
editing and posting - Izhar Photography
Model - Izhar CJ
Camera used - Fujifilm F100
Location - Sunway Pyramid

The Biggest Loser Asia

So,it was 1st august and it was 8am.
we rush to Fitness First,Mutiara Damansara for my sis
audition in the BLA. I was the supporter,haha..
so it was 9.30am and the line is massive like long~
the first guy said that he came at 6am it was crazy right?
the audition starts at 10am. After my sis got in,i waited outside like 3 hour
sms'ing,retarding,sleeping,and do some crazy stuff..
after so bored it was like 1.30pm and my sis still in the gym, and I was like
"ok,its time for me to eat!" so i go in E@Curve(use to be cineleisure)
and MCD's nearby entrance is what i chosen the place to eat. hehe~
after eating,I went up and go round (singin Right Round by Flo Rida)
then I go to the "center atrium" ? which is a gathering and i saw Fly FM banners,MTV,xpax and all
so i stop and watch~ suddenly there were screaming so freakin loud!!
it was Hunny Madu !! tight leggings with white hat,she so freakin HOT CUTE>~>!!
and it was MTV World Stage Road Show and they will be there for 2 days..
so there like giving out "mosh-pit tickets" its like moshing audition~
its so crazy~~~~~~~~ mcm mabuk ada jugak!!..
e.g. mcm indian kena rasuk on deepavali day dkat batu caves tu~ mcm tu la..
my sis done at 2 pm,then we go Sunway Pyramid. =)


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