Jul 13, 2009


okay.. today was a NOT great day of coz..
our principal is back from London..
actually we dont even care why he go there,just go and stay they already and dont come back home!~
some rumors say he wanna catch MJ's performance.
haha,i dont know~
so it was like Sivik(2nd last period) and it was like 12.45pm
we were tired so suddenly.
hurm,some fly(go out from class and stay somewhere)
ok,ok..let the picture do the talk...
ok,sleeping people~
some outside,some play with the whiteboard(writing father's name)the chatting crew~Amin,with the school"KON" (yg dia curi)ok,ewe!!! seriously,that was his name Ewe Yap Weing
(btw,he stole Amin's "KON" and continue shouting)

okay.. thats alot of things done in school which is great.. School Life.. hurmm..
oh ya! teacher?? now is Sivik and it supposed to be relief~ no teacher!
after Sivik is Sejarah! the teacher(sejarah) also said" kamu buatlah kerja sendiri,saya penat"
okay... maybe with the shouting to the ppl didnt do the Projek maybe?
whatever it is.. me and my fren were enjoying our chatting till the school ends at 1.50pm
okay later~

-Pic by me :)

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