Jul 13, 2009

ShiSha :)

ok,after school..
i thought i wanna go see movie (there's a TGV in Capsquare below the school)
but my friend Tan say that "jom pergi shisha" so i just follow since there is no one else
to watch movie with me :(
so we go to setiawangsa via PUTRA~(nearby Tan's home actually)
btw,shisha is better than cigarette(they say) and i DONT DO smoke!
in my head "since my sister can shisha,so i can too!"
that's why when i try..it taste grape,apple.. and come out smoke..
ok..let the pic do the talking??..
from left:tan,adam,alan,aliff (waiting for train)nothing to say to these people..nama dia alan.
dan dia suruh saya tangkap gambar utk dia
saya charge RM8.00 ok itu minimum~
and that's not me..
maybe my evil twin? :D


Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

shisha lebih bahaya berganda dari rokok untuk pengetahuan anda.=)
sy tidak shisha atau merokok sekalipun.

.::RoyaL::. said...

ok kakak..
saya faham dan saya stop dah~~
time kasih atas penghargaan anda~


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