Jul 30, 2009

Eau De Toilette

so my dad gv me money!!
so i was thinking to spend it on jeans.. but..
my head spins so quickly~it turns out that i need a perfume~
hurm..about the jeans,i wanna buy it later with a size of 30-32 (my goal)
need to start in shape!! am thinking after PMR wanna jog with my father
coz he already retired at that moment~
so it was sunday,26th July 2009.
after tuition,i went to my sis at amcorp mall there we met..
after that she say let's go mid valley~so we went there..
since i wanna buy perfume,i would luv to hv that new..
Burberry The Beat.
i like the bottle alot! but when we go there and try the sample~
it smells like black pepper!! seriously.. it turns me off with the smell..
if u go to >>http://www.burberrythebeat.com/men/
it say the ingredient is >cedrat,black pepper and violet leaves accord
hurm.. such a nice bottle :P
so we go to Hugo section.. the salesgirl said that this perfume suits me well..
Hugo Elementwell it smells great and the bottle is unique~
its consider a "oxygen tank" look-a-like bottle..
so i decided to buy the perfume~ well itself cost RM261
the salesgirl give a promotion buy a set.. which contains:-
-Eau De Toilette (hugo element)
-Shower Gel (hugo element)
-Deodarant (hugo element)
-Mini bottle (for travel)
-3 sample
-A Hugo Boss Limited Edition Sling Bag (which i gv to my sis)
-Rm30 metrojaya coupon
well all of it she gv at RM336 its better than RM261 which is only the EDT
hurm i think i like it coz the price is reasonable..

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