May 3, 2009

Xpernah Tengok - episode 1

td my couzin ajak aku and kakak aku gi mkn..
kiteorg gi mkn dkat "xingt nama kdai tu"
ok sedaplah!.. and then masa nk balik teringat nenek aku pesan dia teringin nk mkn burger..
so kiteorg pusing pandan jaya and tgk burger stalls byk tutup nape tah?
and then ada satu kdai ni "otai" jual burger..
beli jelah kat situ..
Burger Daging : RM2.80
Burger Ayam : RM2.80
Benjo : RM2.80
+Cheeze : 80 sen
+Telur : 80 sen

wTf!! so dam expensiee!! no choice la.. xde stall lain yg bukak..
and then aku gi beli air kat 7e aku jumpa another burger stall yg x bukak..
tau x diorg jual burger ape??..
jeng jeng jeng!waaargh!! sape nk mkn rabbit??!! ksian dia..
tgk lg satu gambar noob bwh ni..
burger kambing,rusa pown ada...
hoho!! org pandan jaya mkn burger rabbit x sangka..

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