Mar 8, 2009


the time has come!!!!... SALE!..
last nite i went out with my siblings to watch watchmen..
get it? watch watchmen.. wkaakaka..
anyway,the movie starts at 11.55pm we're arrived at 10 -.,-''
bad timing.. but we saw the sale sticker! woo and window shopping..
kahkahkha... so i bought this..

quiksilver perfume
large: RM198
medium: RM158
small: RM108

i decided to buy the small one...but the staff that works there said that if u buy the larger size,
u will get the 20% discount coupon...which is very useful..!
e.g. if i bought something that is 50% i will get it for 70%!!...
the shop closed at we hv like 2 more hours...
so my sis said that lets eat at chilis! coz its near to the tgv...
so we eat and hang till 11.55pm then we go in...
end at 2.30am arrive home at 3am..that's all for today!.. thinking tomorrow going to use it ^__^!

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