Mar 16, 2009

FakeStories:Baru Broke-Up

ok ok... this is about a girl and a boy who just hv been broke-up!
ok im not gonna tell ya their real name!..
assume that girl is shanti and boy is abu..

one day abu went out to pavillion for window shopping.. and after a few minutes he gets hungry,then he go to the food court to eat..when eating,he look around and saw shanti at queing to buy donuts..then in his mind he say "oh sh!t,that b!tch is there" then suddenly shanti look at him.. abu felt like "wtf,shes looking at me" then abu look at his phone act like he doesnt know that shanti is there... then its time for abu to go home... to go home he must passed the to go up the escalator..he go and didnt look at shanti.. at home he open his myspace and wrote at the status "hey kawan2,aku online!.komen la pic aku baru ni" after updating... he saw at the status of shanti that said"eh ada org tu bajet ass la!"

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