Mar 12, 2009

dooodolls attack!

yeh..the dooodolls!! if ur crazy and u love toys..then maybe this toy its for u?..
coz doodolls has the craziest toy ever.. i dont know bout u but i say its crazy :D
i just bought the redddish twin at ROOM cost me RM14.90

yes..its a keychain/accessories.. hangin at the zipper of my pencil case -.-!!
i know its big..zzzz...
but this toy is a twin,another one is sunny.. if i buy both it will cause me RM30?
zzzzz.... i need to start saving -_-!!..
there are many toys...not just this.. for more go to
and if u buy one of the toy,u will get this little book that show what toy is same with ur horoscope
unfortunately,im a Leo and my toy is Mr.Nerdie -__-!!

and this is another dooodolls that hv at ROOM...
there's more.. check out btw,did i mention the creator is malaysian? :)


Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

yg wana oren tu sempena bulan kelahiran saya!!yey!!mcm bus skolah.;D

tp penah belikan chocoman bg bopreng.haha.

40 bux jugak melayang. sbb beli yang besa!!:D

.::RoyaL::. said...

mahal tp comei + gila = huha~


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