Mar 24, 2009

Quiksilver Card Members Only!

RM8 for 3rd item??.. and THEY pay ur car park/food/movie!!!
means food at chilis they pay??..muahahahha...
or we go see movie everyday and they pay?? haha...
this starts at 23rd of March and onwards..zZzZzZz..
for more info visit:-

Mar 16, 2009

Principal Devil

I hate u principal!!!....u give us alot..i mean alot of holiday homework..
hv to finish all books.. 1 book from front to the back must complete...
zZZzzZzzzZ from wed-sat im not at home la b!tch.... gotta go to some program at rawang.. hv to sleep there... zzzzzz... tomorrow is monday gotta go to school do geo projects! and tues got tuition+mengaji...
and sunday tuition+i must be extremely damn tired...
argh hate u...kiss my ass!



FakeStories:Baru Broke-Up

ok ok... this is about a girl and a boy who just hv been broke-up!
ok im not gonna tell ya their real name!..
assume that girl is shanti and boy is abu..

one day abu went out to pavillion for window shopping.. and after a few minutes he gets hungry,then he go to the food court to eat..when eating,he look around and saw shanti at queing to buy donuts..then in his mind he say "oh sh!t,that b!tch is there" then suddenly shanti look at him.. abu felt like "wtf,shes looking at me" then abu look at his phone act like he doesnt know that shanti is there... then its time for abu to go home... to go home he must passed the to go up the escalator..he go and didnt look at shanti.. at home he open his myspace and wrote at the status "hey kawan2,aku online!.komen la pic aku baru ni" after updating... he saw at the status of shanti that said"eh ada org tu bajet ass la!"

Mar 15, 2009

If You Seek Amy

tgk vid britney spears - if u seek amy
kalau kau perasankan.. dlm chorus dia ada nyanyi..

(tgk dance dia at 0.59-1.05)
Love me hate me, but can't you see what I see?
All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to F.U.C.K. ME

hahahaha....eff u see kay me

Mar 14, 2009

Teka-Teki 911!!..

there are many teka-teki... and these are some that i hv discovered... if u heard them,its ok.. if u struggle to find answer maybe i can help u ??...
hahaha... here a some :P..

“Kenapa lelaki perlu beristeri tiga… .”
Jawapannya kerana :
kerana kalau kawin satu isONE
kalau kawin dua isTWO
kalau kawin tiga barulah isTERI… ..

Soalan: binatang apa yang ada kaki tetapi malas berjalan?
Jawapan : katak…ada kaki tapi melompat…

Soalan: Ikan apakah yg tidak mempunyai kepala,ekor,sisik,ingsang,dan sebagainya???
Jawapan : Bebola ikan

Soalan: antara negara china dan bulan,mane yg lebih jauh?
Jawapan : negara chinalah jauh,sbb bulan kite tengok langik je dah nampak bulan,kau nak tengok china pegi tempah tiket kapal terbang…….haa……

Soalan: bila kita tidur dia bangun bila kita bangun dia tidur
Jawapan : tapak kaki

Soalan: dalam banyak banyak singa.singa apa tidak makan orang
Jawapan : singapura

Soalan: dlm nenas ada ape??
Jawapan : spongebob!!

Soalan: kalau gajah lalu titi,titi tu patah.lepas tu kambing pulak yang lalu.apa pulak yang patah
Jawapan : patah balik la

Soalan: dalam banyak2 kotak,kotak apa x leh angkat…
Jawapan : kotak penalti

Soalan: benda apa yg slalu kita makan akn habis,klu kita xmkn pn akn habis??
Jawapan : ais

Soalan: dalam banyak2 rumput,rumput apa lembu n kambing xmakan??
Jawapan : mesin rumput

Soalan: dalam banyak 2 syarikat,syarikat ape paling besar?
Jawapan: amerika syarikat

Soalan: kenapa nobita dan doraemon takut datang ke malaysia?
Jawapan: sebab ada Giant..

Soalan: Buaya naik bas… Manusia naik apa..?????
Jawapan : naik hairan la…ark ark ark...

okay... i think that's enough for today :)..

Mar 12, 2009

dooodolls attack!

yeh..the dooodolls!! if ur crazy and u love toys..then maybe this toy its for u?..
coz doodolls has the craziest toy ever.. i dont know bout u but i say its crazy :D
i just bought the redddish twin at ROOM cost me RM14.90

yes..its a keychain/accessories.. hangin at the zipper of my pencil case -.-!!
i know its big..zzzz...
but this toy is a twin,another one is sunny.. if i buy both it will cause me RM30?
zzzzz.... i need to start saving -_-!!..
there are many toys...not just this.. for more go to
and if u buy one of the toy,u will get this little book that show what toy is same with ur horoscope
unfortunately,im a Leo and my toy is Mr.Nerdie -__-!!

and this is another dooodolls that hv at ROOM...
there's more.. check out btw,did i mention the creator is malaysian? :)

Mar 8, 2009


the time has come!!!!... SALE!..
last nite i went out with my siblings to watch watchmen..
get it? watch watchmen.. wkaakaka..
anyway,the movie starts at 11.55pm we're arrived at 10 -.,-''
bad timing.. but we saw the sale sticker! woo and window shopping..
kahkahkha... so i bought this..

quiksilver perfume
large: RM198
medium: RM158
small: RM108

i decided to buy the small one...but the staff that works there said that if u buy the larger size,
u will get the 20% discount coupon...which is very useful..!
e.g. if i bought something that is 50% i will get it for 70%!!...
the shop closed at we hv like 2 more hours...
so my sis said that lets eat at chilis! coz its near to the tgv...
so we eat and hang till 11.55pm then we go in...
end at 2.30am arrive home at 3am..that's all for today!.. thinking tomorrow going to use it ^__^!

In Bed With Mr.Cyclop

sexy girl: hey cyclops,now that ur in bed,why dont u take off ur shirt!
sexy girl: ahhh.. one nipple??
Mr.Cyclops: zZzZzZz... u didnt see this coming??

wakakkkaaka... the lesson is dont ever sleep with cyclops...

Mar 7, 2009

Is Milk Good For Ya?

yah.. haha.. some ppl cant drink milk when they were born.. this is what happen if they drink..
haha.. but 90% can drink... but becarefull.. drinking the fresh milk can make u "fat" it will growth ur fatty layers
hahahahaha... if want to drink milk..drink with cornflakes.. or coco crunch :P

Pic Of The Day

This is what happen if u mix..
wakakakkaka :)


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